How to Choose Right Programmable Beacon for Your Needs

what is programmable beacon

A programmable beacon is a device that transmits a signal containing specific information that can be received and interpreted by compatible devices, such as a smartphone or other internet-enabled device. These beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit data and can be programmed to send a variety of information, including product information, location-based alerts, special promotions, and more.    Users can interact with these beacons by downloading a compatible app that can detect and respond to beacon signals.    The applications of programmable beacons are wide-ranging and can be used in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation, among others.

Choose Right Programmable Beacon

Choosing the right programmable beacon can depend on several factors. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Compatibility: Make sure the programmable beacon is compatible with the devices you want to interact with it. Most beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, but it's essential to ensure that it supports the versions of BLE compatible with your devices.
  2. Battery Life: The battery life of the beacon determines the recurrent expenses and maintenance needs. Longer battery life could span between a few months or several years, which ensures reliable wireless transmissions.
  3. Features: Different beacons have distinct capabilities that allow them to broadcast specific information, support a particular number of Bluetooth devices, and support specific sensors like motion sensing, temperature sensitivity, or simple button triggering.
  4. Configuration Process: Choose a beacon that is easy to set up and configure to avoid losing time on tedious labor. Several platforms, like Estimote, offer a user-friendly installation and configuration process that saves time, integrates with applications and IoT platforms.
  5. Price: Beacon prices vary depending on brand, quality, and features, but since beacons are a recurrent expense due to battery replacements, maintenance, and upgrades, it's essential to choose a product that guarantees a good price-to-value ratio.
  6. Size and Form Factor: There are several sizes and forms of beacons, including coin-cell shaped, USB powered, and wristband-based. Choose the right form factor based on your use case and where you intend to place the beacon.

Recommended Beacon

Feasycom owns a rich set of programmable beacons:

Programmable Beacon tutorial

Users could download FeasyBeacon app from both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Here are some steps to program the parameters of Beacon:

1. Open FeasyBeacon app, in the FeasyBeacon"Beacon" interface, you can seethe beacons nearby.
2. Press the“Setting" button, select the beacon from the listing which you need.(Recommend to place beacon close to your phone for quick connection)

Programmable Beacon tutorial step 1

3. Input the default password: 000000.

Programmable Beacon tutorial step 2

4. After the successful connection, you can configure the beacon parameters or add new broadcasts, and click "Save"after completion.

Programmable Beacon tutorial step 3

If you are interested in getting more information and details, please don’t hesitate to contact with Feasycom.

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