Introduction to the Application of Bluetooth Atmosphere Light

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Bluetooth Atmosphere Light

With the improvement of people's living standards, in order to meet the various needs of consumers, new energy vehicles and intelligent automotive products will be launched in large quantities. As a product that decorates and enhances the atmosphere of cars, car ambient lights are gradually spreading from high-end car models to mid to low-end cars. The ambient lights in the car not only improve the safety factor of driving at night, but also alleviate the fatigue of drivers, making life inside the car more ceremonial and creating a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

The ambient lights inside a car are generally located on the steering wheel, center adjustment lights, foot lights, cup holders, roof, welcome lights, welcome pedals, doors, trunk, and headlights. The effect created by lighting will give people a warm and comfortable feeling of home, but at the same time, it may also give people a sense of technology and luxury beauty. Car owners can also set the color and brightness of the ambient lights according to their needs, providing a good experience.

Bluetooth car ambient light

The Bluetooth car atmosphere light solution is connected to the LED light strip inside the car through mobile app software and WeChat mini program. The color of the LED light strip inside the car can be changed through the mobile app to create an atmosphere. Using different colors can create a colorful and beautiful car environment, which will give people a warm, relaxed, and comfortable feeling. After establishing a Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone Bluetooth and the LED light strip, users can adjust the color of the ambient lights in the car according to their preferences through the installed app on their phone. The light strip can also move according to the rhythm of the music.

Feasycom has a self-developed wireless RF low-power Bluetooth BLE5.2 module, which is a solution for automotive ambient lighting applications.


Chip: TICC2642R
Bluetooth version:  Bluetooth 5.2
Dimensions:  13mmx 26.9mmx 2.2mm
Certification:  SRRC,FCC,CE,IC,TELEC
Protocol: GATT (Master Slave Integration)
Frequency: 2.402-2.480 GHz
Transmission power: +5dBm(maximum)  
Application:  Lamp control


Chip:: Silicon Labs EFR32BG21
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.2
Dimensions: 10mm x 11.9mm x 1.8mm
Protocol:  GATT (Master Slave Integration),SIG Mesh
Transmission power: Transmission power:+10dBm(maximum)

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