Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Stereo Audio Module | FSC-BT926

Product Overview

 ●  The FSC-BT926 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Stereo Audio Module, it features a 2.4GHz ISM RF transceiver, Bluetooth V4.2 baseband controller, flash memory, on-board antenna, and high-quality 24-bit stereo audio CODEC.

 ●  Support communicating with the FeasyBlue app and many other Bluetooth apps


Basic Parameter

Bluetooth module model   
Realtek 8761
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.2 BR/EDR+BLE
13mm X 26.9mm X 2.4mm
SPP/iAP, HID, GATT, ANCS, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP                          
Transmit power
+5.5 dBm (Maximum)
On-board antenna, supports external antenna
Bluetooth 4.2 dual-mode, Low Cost Solution


   Bluetooth v4.2, Class 1.5

   UART programming and data interface (baudrate can up to 921600bps)

   Analog(Input@Output)/PCM/I2S audio interface

   I2C/AIO/PIO/PWM control interfaces

   Postage stamp sized form factor

   Embedded Bluetooth stack profiles support: SPP/iAP,HID,GATT,ANCS,A2DP,AVRCP,HFP

   OTA upgrade support

   Support External Antenna


   Audio Speaker, with TWS(Audio True Wireless) support

   Wired or wireless sound bars

   Wired or wireless speakers

   Analogue and USB Multimedia Dongles

Firmware Version

Firmware No. Application Profiles Support
BT926 Audio Slave & Data A2DP(Sink)﹑AVRCP﹑BLE﹑SPP、OTA
BT926 Audio Master & Data A2DP(Source)﹑BLE﹑SPP、OTA
BT926 Printer & Audio(5+1) A2DP(Sink)﹑BLE﹑SPP、OTA

  • DownloadName:FSC-BT926 Datasheet V1.2 EN.pdf
  • Download Name:FSC-BT926 Programming User Guide V3.0.pdf
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