Practice of Bluetooth Key in IoV

Bluetooth non-inductive unlocking is a technology that uses Bluetooth technology to open the door lock without a physical key. It is a wireless connection between the mobile phone and the door lock. The door lock is controlled by the mobile phone to realize the unlocking operation, which improves the convenience and safety of access control management.

It can be applied to any scene that requires access control or lock control, improving user experience and security.

Bluetooth Key Typical application

Residential community access control system: The owner can unlock the access control through the mobile phone APP or Bluetooth key, which is convenient and quick, and avoids the cumbersome steps of swiping the card or entering the password in the traditional access control system.

Hotel room door lock: Guests can unlock the room door lock through the mobile APP or Bluetooth key, without waiting in line to check in at the front desk, which improves the customer experience.

Office access control system: Employees can unlock the access control through mobile phone APP or Bluetooth key, which is convenient and fast, and improves the efficiency of access.

Car door lock: The car owner can open the car door lock through the mobile phone APP or Bluetooth key, without using traditional keys, which is convenient and fast.

Advantage of Bluetooth Key

Convenient and fast: use Bluetooth to unlock the lock without taking out the key or entering the password, and it will be automatically unlocked just by approaching the vehicle, eliminating the need for cumbersome operation steps.

High security: Compared with traditional unlocking methods such as keys and passwords, Bluetooth non-inductive unlocking technology is more secure, because it requires the user's mobile phone and other Bluetooth devices to pair with the lock, and this pairing process is encrypted, which enhances the security of the vehicle sex.

Strong scalability: Bluetooth non-inductive unlocking technology can be linked with other smart home devices, such as linked with a smart doorbell, which can realize the functions of checking the situation outside the door and unlocking remotely on the mobile phone, which improves the security and intelligence of the home.

Personalized customization: Bluetooth non-inductive unlocking can be customized according to the needs of users. For example, functions such as direct unlocking without verification can be set within a certain period of time, which improves the user experience.

In today's intelligent diversified applications, here is a talk about the application of Bluetooth non-inductive unlocking in the Internet of Vehicles, that is, the communication between the car lock and the mobile phone is realized through Bluetooth technology, and the mobile phone is used as a tool for identity verification. At this time, the car lock can automatically identify the identity of the owner's mobile phone through the Bluetooth signal, so as to realize automatic unlocking. The implementation methods of different Bluetooth manufacturers may be different, so it is very important to choose a reliable Bluetooth solution manufacturer.

Feasycom’s bluetooth non-inductive unlocking solution

system introduction (customizable)

  1. The system is connected by the master node and several slave nodes through the bus;
  2. The master node is arranged in the car, and the slave nodes are arranged on the door, generally one for the left door, one for the right door, and one for the rear door;
  3. When the mobile phone establishes a connection with the master node and the authentication is successful. Wake up the slave node, and the slave node starts to report the RSSI value of the mobile phone through the bus;
  4. Summarize the RSSI data and send it to the APP for processing;
  5. When the mobile phone is disconnected, the system sleeps, and the master node continues to wait for the next connection of the mobile phone.

Practical Application of Bluetooth Key in IoV


  • Provide Feasycom autonomous positioning algorithm;
  • Connection bus communication support;
  • Bluetooth monitoring;
  • Key authentication;
  • etc. to realize the system scheme.

Bluetooth module for Bluetooth Key

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Feasycom is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the Internet of Things. The company has a core software and hardware R&D team, an automatic Bluetooth protocol stack module, and independent software intellectual property rights, and has built an end-to-end solution advantage in the field of short-distance wireless communication.

Focusing on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, automotive electronics and IOT industries, Feasycom can provide a complete set of solutions and one-stop services (hardware + firmware + APP + applet + official account full set of technical support).

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