BT677F Bluetooth Module Application in Charging station

At present, the Charging station market in the Chinese market is still in the development stage. Benefiting from the increased acceptance of the pure electricity market, increased policy driven subsidies, and increased willingness of vehicle enterprise operators to invest, the demand and supply of Charging station in China's main markets are expected to increase significantly. We expect that with the steady progress of global electrification, the Charging station market is expected to usher in a high boom.

Recently, Feasycom launched a Bluetooth module BT677F for the Charging station, which has the BLE master-slave function and HID function. As the master Bluetooth, it actively searches for mobile phones or other BLE Bluetooth and couples them. As the slave Bluetooth, it actively searches for multiple Bluetooth and couples them. Bluetooth pairing can reach up to 10.

Operation method

The Charging station users using this module can also operate in two modes, one without APP and the other with APP

Initial connection of users without APP: The Charging station Bluetooth can be found through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone system. After clicking the connection, enter the PIN code to complete the connection. The Charging station can get the Bluetooth connected status. When the user connects to the user's mobile phone for the second time and turns on Bluetooth, it is close to the Charging station, without user operation. The system Bluetooth can automatically connect to the Charging station Bluetooth, and the Charging station can get the Bluetooth connected status.

Initial connection of APP users: users open the APP and within the Bluetooth range of the Charging station, the APP can use the Bluetooth information of the bound Charging station to automatically search the Bluetooth of the Charging station, automatically confirm the PIN code and complete the connection. When the user connects to the Charging station for the second time, there is no need to automatically connect to the Charging station Bluetooth.

Product Overview:

The FSC-BT677F uses a Bluetooth low-power chip from Silicon Labs EFR32BG21, which includes a 32-bit 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 microcontroller that can provide a maximum power output of 10 dBm. It has a maximum reception sensitivity of -97.5 (1 Mbit/s GFSK) dBm and supports complete DSP instructions and floating-point units for efficient signal processing. Low power BLE technology, supporting fast wake-up time and energy-saving mode. The FSC-BT677F software and SDK both support Bluetooth low-power BLE, Bluetooth 5.2, and Bluetooth mesh network. This module also supports the development of proprietary wireless protocols.

Basic Parameter

Bluetooth Module Model FSC-BT677F
Chipset Silicon Labs EFR32BG21
Bluetooth version bluetooth 5.2 Dual mode
lnterface UART, I2C, SPI
Frequency 2.400 - 2.483.5 GHz
Profiles GATT, SIG Mesh
Size 15.8mm X 20.3mm X 1.62mm 
Transmit Power +10dBm
Operating temperature -40℃-85℃
Features Supports OTA upgrade, MESH networking, LE HID and all BLE protocols, long range


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