How to use AT commands to change the Baud Rate of a Bluetooth Module?

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When it comes to Bluetooth product developing, the Baud Rate of the Bluetooth module is crucial.

What is the baud rate?

The baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel. In the serial port context, "11200 baud" means that the serial port is capable of transferring a maximum of 11200 bits per second. In the process of transmitting data, the baud rate of two parties (Data sender & data receiver), which is the basic guarantee for successful communication.

How to change the baud rate of a Bluetooth module with AT commands?

Very simple!
AT+BAUD={‘The baud rate you need’}

For instance, if you want to change the baud rate of a module to 9600, you could simply use,

See the reference photo below, we use FSC-BT836 from Feasycom as an example. The default baud rate of this high-speed Bluetooth module was 115200. When sending AT+BAUD=9600 to this module under AT command mode, its baud rate was changed to 9600 right away.

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