Bluetooth High Speed Transmission Can Reach Up To 80 KB/S ?

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Feasycom has three categories of Bluetooth high-speed data transceiving module: BLE high data rate module, dual-mode high data rate module, MFi high data rate module.

In version 5.0 of the Bluetooth Core Specification, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) significantly promoted the transmission speed – 2 times faster than Bluetooth v4.2. This new capability makes Bluetooth Low Energy becoming even more competitive in data transceiving applications. The reliable-transmission speed of Feasycom’s BLE 5.0 module can reach up to 64 kB/s.

The Bluetooth dual-mode module is always a very good option for data transceiving application, the integration of SPP and BLE-GATT profiles enhances the application with great performance, flexibility and compatibility, Feasycom’s Bluetooth dual-mode modules have the first-class performance in the industry, its reliable-transmission speed can reach up to 125 kB/s.

Many years ago, Apple launched its MFi program which allows the  MFi-compliant Bluetooth Accessory to use the high-speed SPP profile of the iOS device.

BLE High Data Rate Module

Feasycom’s BLE modules (e.g. FSC-BT616, FSC-BT630, FSC-BT671) adopt Bluetooth 5.0 chips, these modules are both capable of the 2Mbps feature of the Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth Dual Mode High Date Rate Module

Feasycom’s dual-mode modules have first-class performance in the industry, this enables the developers to build their application which relies on high-speed Bluetooth.

Bluetooth MFi High Date Rate Module

FSC-BT836 is capable of Apple MFi iAP2, this enables the developers to use the high-performance SPP profile of the iOS device. Feasycom has helped many customers to build their MFi-based applications and get the MFi Certification.

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