How to Layout The Position of The Bluetooth Module Antenna

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After the product engineer got the Bluetooth module for their products, they want to make the Bluetooth module work very well. There is no doubt that a good antenna layout can make the Bluetooth module work longer and transmit data more stable.

Recently, a customer inquired about how to layout the location of the antenna to reduce radio interference?

1. In the overall layout, avoid interference from other components on the PCB board. When the overall layout under the antenna, avoid interference from other components on the PCB board. Do not route or apply copper under the antenna. Put the antenna to the edge of your board (as close as you can, maximum 0.5mm). Keep away from power components and electromagnetic devices as much as possible, such as transformers, thyristors, relays, inductors, buzzers, horns, etc. The module ground should be separated from the ground of power components and electromagnetic devices.

2. Reserve the GND area for the antenna. Usually a 4-layer board design will be better than a 2-layer board design, and the effect of the antenna will be better.

3. When designing a product, try not to use a metal shell to cover the antenna part.

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