The shielding cover on the wireless module

The metal shell on the wireless module is called a shield, which is one of the hardware facilities of the wireless module. The main functions are:

1. Prevent the wireless module from causing interference and radiation to the outside world. Generally, the greater the power of the module, the greater the interference and radiation it produces. At this time, adding a metal casing to the module can effectively reduce these radiation and interference, thereby ensuring its normal operation.

2. Shield the outside and do not interfere with the wireless module. In the working environment of the wireless module, there are many complex interference sources, such as external electric fields and magnetic fields. These interference sources are invisible and cannot be touched. However, after shielding is added to the wireless module, these external interference sources can be well isolated.

The working principle of the wireless module shielding cover:

The main function of the shield is to reduce or remove the interference sources of components, circuits, cables or the entire system to keep electromagnetic field interference and radiation away from the human body. Covering circuits, equipment or value systems to protect them from external electromagnetic fields.

The wireless transceiver module uses multiple types of integrated shielding layers, with simple structure and high cost performance. The shielding electrostatic phenomenon on the circuit board protects the electronic components. Use the shielding cover to enclose the important functional components (such as chips, single-chips, circuit boards, etc.) that need to be protected into a protective ring, which can effectively prevent the radiation interference generated by the wireless module from spreading, and prevent external interference sources from affecting the wireless module and interfering with the module.

Normally, our certificated modules must be equipped with a shielding cover.

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