How To connect mic to the I2S of BT909 Bluetooth Module

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Our default firmware is slave mode, you can look the status by sending command AT+PROFILE.

AT+I2SCFG=1 I2S will be configured as master mode

If connected with HFP, the parameters will be 8K, 16bit

If connected with A2DP, the parameters will be 48K 16bit or 44.1K 16bit. In our next version, it will be fix to 48K 16bit.

AT+I2SCFG=3 I2S will be configured as slave mode.

The detailed steps:

If you need connect to HFP

  1. AT+PROFILE=83
  2. AT+SCAN=1 for example your Bluetooth address is DC0D3000142D
  3. AT+HFPCONN=DC0D3000142D
  4. If you see the feedback +HFPSTAT=3, it means connect successfully.

Then the audio link will be established.

Logic analysis to capture I2S signal, you can see 8K 16bit waveform as followed:

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www.feasycom.comIf you need I2S to be slave mode,

Send AT+I2SCFG=3, AT+REBOOT command, and repeat previous steps. Parameters will be

48K, 16 bit, 44.1K 16 bit, depends on slave devices.

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