Bluetooth Module And Satellite Vehicle Tracker

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What Is Satellite Vehicle Tracker

Satellite Vehicle Tracker , also known as commercial vehicle driving recorder. It refers to the development and design of an all-in-one machine integrating vehicle video monitoring, driving records, Beidou GPS dual-mode satellite positioning, and card printing in accordance with the standards formulated by the Ministry of Communications. It is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores the driving speed, time, mileage and other status information of the vehicle and can output data through the interface . It can realize vehicle self-inspection function, vehicle status information, driving data, speeding reminder, fatigue driving reminder, area reminder, route deviation reminder, overtime parking reminder , etc.

Beginning in 2022, the latest national standard GB/T 19056-2021 "Car Driving Recorder" was officially released, replacing the previous GB/T 19056-20 12, and it was officially implemented on July 1, 2022. It marks that the commercial vehicle driving recorder is about to open a new era . This standard adds advanced functions such as video recognition, wireless communication data collection, and data security technology on the original basis. Mainly for two passengers and one danger, dump trucks, engineering vehicles, city buses, container vehicles, cold chain vehicles and other commercial vehicles. New vehicles and vehicles in operation are required to install Satellite Vehicle Tracker in accordance with the latest standards, otherwise relevant certificates will not be issued, including operation certificates, transportation certificates, etc.

Bluetooth Module And Satellite Vehicle Tracker

The latest national standard wireless communication method needs to increase the Bluetooth function, which stipulates that the data transmission between the recorder and the communication machine (PC or other data acquisition equipment) is completed through the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth protocol needs to support the SPP and FTP protocols. The SPP protocol uses the serial port for data transmission, and the FTP protocol is used for file transmission. SPP and FTP need to run in parallel. Among them, the data transmission between the Satellite Vehicle Tracker and the recorder is initiated by the communication machine, and the file transmission is initiated by the standard machine.

Feasycom has been deeply rooted in the development of Bluetooth data transmission, audio and other technologies for many years. It has a strong software and hardware R&D team and has its own Bluetooth protocol stack, which can add relevant protocols according to customer needs. In response to the latest national standard requirements of Satellite Vehicle Tracker, the company has launched the following two Bluetooth modules including SPP and FTP protocols, which can also be used in black boxes with EDR for commercial vehicles:

Bluetooth Module For Satellite Vehicle Tracker

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