How to choose beacon.

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According to the survey, Nearly 4 billion Bluetooth® devices are forecasted to ship in 2018 alone, and the retail industry is estimated to generate $968.9 million revenue in 2018.

What can a beacon to do for you.

devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices. The technology enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to a beacon. Generally speaking, it is a bridge to closer the distance of you and customers. You can push what you want to display to your customers. Beacon technology can be used for shops, museums, exhibits, trade fairs, retails, stadium, asset identification, restaurant, etc.

How to use a beacon

Most of the use cases for beacons fall under one of the following categories:

Receiving Nearby Messages and Notifications
You can add attachments to your beacons, and access those attachments as messages, with your own app using Nearby Messages and Nearby Notifications, which does not require your app to be installed. Since the messages are stored in the cloud, you can update them as often as you like without the need to update the beacons themselves.

Interacting with the Physical Web
The Physical Web enables quick, seamless interaction with beacons. If you want your beacon to link to a single web page, you can broadcast Eddystone-URL frames. This compressed URL can be read by Nearby Notifications, and by Chrome using the Physical Web. Note that beacons configured using Eddystone-URL can't be registered with Google's beacon registry.

Integrating with Google services
When your beacons are registered with Google, the Places API uses fields such as latitude and longitude coordinates, indoor floor level, and Google Places PlaceID as signals to improve location detection accuracy automatically.

How to choose beacon.

In today;s market, there are many different kinds of beacon from difference price , and we are hard to choose it. So, here are some recommendations that maybe you can reference.

  • · Do you need some for development, or for deployment, or both?
  • · Will they live indoors, or outdoors, or both?
  • · Must they support iBeacon standard, Eddystone standard, or both?
  • · Do they need to be battery powered, solar powered, or will they have an external wired power source?
  • · Will they be in a nice clean stable environment, or will they move around a lot, or be in a harsh situation (noise, vibration, elements, etc.)?
  • · Is the company that makes them stable and well funded, or does it pose a reasonable risk of disappearing?
  • · Do you need other value-add things from your supplier, beyond the hardware (e.g. content management, security services for beacon management etc.)

Feasycom technology company provide different solutions for you with a competitive price. Feasybeacon support use the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and support ibeacon, eddystone beacon, altbeacon frams for instance. Also, Feasybeacon support 10 slot advertise URLs simultaneously. No matter you are a developer or retail shop ower, Feasycom can provide you most intimate customization services.

Dont wait it any longer, you’ll lose many chances if you do not learn about beacon technology.

Beacon recommendation

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