Good Quality Data Module Recommendation

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Currently, Bluetooth chipset CSR BC04 Module production needs a long time to prepare. And recently, some customers want to update their Rayson BTM 112 module products. Since this module is made by the CSR BC04 chipset, this product produce requires much time than before. With technology developing, the customer requires to update the Bluetooth version, the module BTM 112 is Classic Bluetooth Mode, support SPP. Manufacture would like to use the Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Module for their update products. With customer requirement, Feasycom has some modules could be alternatives of the module Rayson BTM 112, here is the modules’ information:

Normally, Feasycom Module longevity time is no less than 5 years, before stopping the production of a specific module, Feasycom will provide a pin-to-pin module as an alternative, by which the customer would not be required to change their design. If you are interested in Feasycom Bluetooth Module, welcome to contact Feasycom team.

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