FSC-BT630 RF Multipoint BLE Low Energy Module Bluetooth 5.0

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You may already have heard about FSC-BT630 module before,today we are going to summary some main features of FSC-BT630.

FSC-BT630 Features:

  • BLE Low Energy Module 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compliant
  • Master and Slave 
  • Multipoint
  • Application for auto spare parts,low energy sensor

The FSC-BT630 RF Module is an easy to use BLE Low Energy Module ,complaint with bluetooth v5.0.The FSC-BT630 RF Module supports multiple roles simultaneously.

The FSC-BT630 RF Module ,BLE Low Energy Module Bluetooth 5.0,it is ultra-small size module ,adopt Nordic 52832 Chipset with ceramic antenna.

The FSC-BT630 RF Module ,BLE Low Energy Module Bluetooth 5.0. it is under the certification of CE & FCC .And feasycom will soon get the report of CE&FCC.We are here ready to get more and more orders from European.If you just have similar bluetooth product requirement do not hesitate to contact us .

Welcome contact feasycom for the latest price of FSC-BT630 and get the datasheet and programming guide of this module.

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