FSC-BT1058 QCC5181 Bluetooth 5.4 LE Audio Module


FSC-BT1058 is one of the Bluetooth dual-mode and LE Audio modules from Feasycom. It provides support for both Bluetooth Low Energy and a compliant system for audio and data communication.

FSC-BT1058 integrates an ultra-low-power PMU and application processor with embedded flash memory, a high-performance stereo codec, Class-AB and Class-D headphone drivers, a power management subsystem, I2S, I2C, UART, PIO, LED drivers and ADC I/O in a SoC IC.

Both cores utilize external flash for code execution, enabling users to distinguish products with new features promptly without hindering development. The FSC-BT1058 module comes preloaded with the user-friendly and robust Feasycom firmware as the default setting. This encapsulated firmware simplifies Bluetooth functionality access through straightforward ASCII commands sent to the module via a serial interface, akin to using a Bluetooth modem. Consequently, the FSC-BT1058 offers an optimal solution for developers seeking to seamlessly integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their designs.


  • Qualified to Bluetooth v5.4 specification
  • Extremely low-power performance
  • Dual 240 MHz Qualcomm @ KalimbaTM audio DSPs
  • 32/80 MHz Developer Processor for applications
  • High-performance 24-bit stereo audio interface
  • Digital and analog microphone interfaces
  • Flexible LED controller and LED pins with PWM support
  • Serial interfaces: UART, Bit Serializer (I2C/SPI), USB 2.0
  • Support for Qualcomm ANC - feedforward, feedback, hybrid and adaptive
  • Support for 3rd party innovation via the Qualcomm® Voice and Music Extension Program
  • Integrated PMU: Dual SMPS for system/digital circuits, Integrated Li-ion battery charger


  • TrueWireless™ stereo earbuds
  • Wired/wireless stereo headsets/headphones
  • Bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth LE Audio Module FSC-BT1058
Bluetooth Version 5.4
Chipset Qualcomm QCC5181
Dimension (mm) 13 × 26.9 × 2.2
Transmit Power +15 dBm (Typ. VBAT = 3.7V)
Audio Code aptX, aptX-HD, aptX adaptive, SBC, and AAC audio codecs
Frequency 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
Power Supply 2.8V ~ 4.3V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C

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