Feasycom Showcases Cutting-edge IoT Solutions at Embedded World 2024

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As a leading provider of wireless IoT connectivity solutions, Feasycom showcased its latest innovative technologies at the Embedded World 2024 exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany, garnering praise from customers and partners.

Introduction to Embedded World 2024

Embedded World is a highly anticipated international trade fair that annually brings together industry experts and companies to unveil and explore the latest advancements in the field of embedded technology. This year's event in Nuremberg showcased a diverse range of cutting-edge solutions and groundbreaking developments in the field of embedded systems.

Highlights from Feasycom

Feasycom presented the latest LE Audio, BLE AoA, Wi-Fi 6, Cellular IoT, and UWB technologies at the Embedded World 2024 Exhibition.

  • LE Audio: LE Audio is a next-generation technology revolutionizing the audio field. To address compatibility issues, Feasycom introduced the world's first Bluetooth module supporting both BT classic and LE audio.
  • BLE AoA: AoA is an indoor positioning technology utilizing the latest Angle of Arrival algorithm, offering high precision, low power consumption, and easy installation. Feasycom's AOA kit currently achieves an accuracy of 0.1-1m.
  • Wi-Fi 6/Cellular IoT Modules: Our dual-mode Bluetooth & dual-band WiFi 6 combo modules deliver excellent performance and versatility, embodying our motto: "Make Communication Easy and Free".

Meetings with Partners


Following the exhibition, Feasycom's CEO Onen Ouyang and Sales Director Tony Lin met with European partners for fruitful discussions. We expressed our gratitude to important partners such as Minova Technology GmbH, Nokta Muhendislik A.S., and DEMSAY ELEKTRONİK A.Ş. These productive meetings reinforced the strong partnership and shared goals between the companies.

Future Outlook

With years of rich experience in wireless communication technology and a self-owned Bluetooth protocol stack, Feasycom has established a significant presence in the industry. The company's expertise in Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G/5G, Beacons, IoT Cloud, and more demonstrates its dedication to driving innovation in the IoT industry. Looking ahead, Feasycom will continue to invest time and effort to enhance professionalism and service quality, steadfastly focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction. We express deep appreciation to all supporters and partners and look forward to shaping the future of IoT with groundbreaking solutions.

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