Feasycom HC05 module(FSC-BT826) can be purchased from Feasycom Amazon shop

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The HC05 module is a simple and versatile data module. This module has many classic applications, such as:

Smart Watch and Bluetooth Bracelet
Health & Medical devices
Wireless POS
Measurement and monitoring systems
Industrial sensors and controls
Asset Tracking

It can also be used with Arduino.

Feasycom Technology plans to send a batch of modules to our Amazon warehouse today, this will make it easier for you to receive samples faster and save on sample costs.

Here are some specifications for the Feasycom HC05 module:

  1. BQB Certification, product size: 27*13*2mm 
    2. SPP+BLE+HID support, hardware & firmware customization accept
    3. Compliant with HC-05/HC-06, V4.2 Bluetooth dual mode module 
    4.With built-in antenna, Coverage up to 15m (50ft)
    5.Max Transmit Power: 5.5 dBm  

FSC-BT826 is a fully integrated Bluetooth module that complies with Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode protocols (BR/EDR/LE). It integrates a baseband controller and M3 CPU in a small package (Integrated PCB antenna), so that the designers can have better flexibility for the product shapes. 
It can be communicated by UART port. With Feasycom’s Bluetooth stack, Customers can easily transplant to their software. It can be connected in throughput mode or AT command mode and users can choose master or slave mode.

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