Feasycom 2022 annual conference and 10th anniversary celebration ceremony

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Feasycom 2022 annual conference and 10th anniversary celebration ceremony

Ten years to sharpen a sword, a sword to stablilize 10 years.

Firecrackers bid farewell to the old year, flowers blossoming for prosperous new year.

January 11, 2023 is an unusual day for Feasycom, which means that the first decade since the establishment of Feasycom has come to an end, and a new decade will begin.

On this special day, everyone of Feasycom from all over the world gather together in Longquan Soup Palace, which is not only to carry out the 2022 yearly review, but also to celebrate the 10th anniversary.
The theme of this celebration is "Feasycom 2022 annual conference and 10th anniversary celebration Sword Showing ceremony", so we will start with the FYT 2022 annual summary.

In the annual summary, the heads of various departments made the presentation, included Howard Wu, our vice CEO in the United States, And Jerry Wang, the CEO of Changsha Branch, summarizing the harvest in 2022, and also expressing prospect of 2023.

Hope that in the new year, with the joint efforts of our compatriots, Feasycom will continue to make breakthroughs and reach new heights. In the new year,  we will be committed to creating more high-performance solutions, bring greater value to our clients, and make communication easier and freer.

In the second half of the celebration, the founder and CEO of Feasycom talked about the history in the past ten years. In the past ten years, the number of Feasycom has grown from a team of 3 to a family of more than 200 people.

Feasycom relocated to the headquarters building located in the "High-tech Park" in Baoan District.

The product line of Feasycom has developed from single Bluetooth module at the beginning to Bluetooth BLE module, Bluetooth dual-mode module, Bluetooth audio module, Bluetooth +WiFi module, SOC Bluetooth +WiFi module, 4G module and UWB module.

In the coming 2023, Feasycom will not only expand and optimize the existing 4G and UWB product lines, but also launch industry-leading LE-Audio, in-car Combo module and UWB key module. UWB indoor positioning module, FeasyCloud, Lora module.

We believe that under the efforts of all colleagues, Feasycom will be able to break the limit and meet the next brilliant decade.

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