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Everyone may have heard the word "Internet of Things", but what is the real Internet of Things? The answer to this question seems simple, but there is nothing so simple to say.

Someone who knows a little bit about this industry may say, "I know, the Internet of Things is to connect things to things, and things to the Internet."

In fact, yes, the IoT is so simple, that is, to simply connect things to things, and things to the network, but how to achieve this? The answer to this question is not so simple.

The architecture of the Internet of Things can be divided into perception layer, transmission layer, platform layer and application layer. The perception layer is responsible for perceiving, identifying and collecting data of the real world. The data which identified and collected by the perception layer is transmitted to the platform layer through the transmission layer. The platform layer carries all kinds of data for analysis and processing, and transforming the results to the application layer, only these 4 layers combinate together to a complete Internet of Things.

For ordinary consumers, as long as the object is connected to a computer and a mobile phone, a complete Internet of Things connection is realized, and the intelligent upgrade of the object is realized, but this is a primary application of the IoT, which is enough for ordinary consumers, but far from for enterprise users.

Connecting things with computers and mobile phones is only the first step. After connecting things with computers and mobile phones, real-time monitoring, collecting various information, analyzing data , managing the state and changing the state of things is the ultimate form of enterprise IoT. And all of this is inseparable from the word "cloud". Not just a general Internet cloud, but an Internet of Things cloud.

The core and foundation of the Internet of Things cloud is still the Internet cloud, which is a network cloud that extends and expands on the basis of the Internet cloud. The user end of the Internet of Things extends and expands to any item to exchange information and communicate with each other.

With the increase of the business volume of the IoT, the demand for data storage and computing capacity will bring the requirements for cloud computing capabilities, so there is "Cloud IoT", an Internet of Things cloud service based on cloud computing technology.

"FeasyCloud" is a standard IoT cloud developed by Shenzhen Feasycom Co., Ltd. , which can help customers realize real-time dynamic management and intelligent analysis of various objects in the IoT.

FeasyClould's warehouse management package is composed of Feasycom's Bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi gateway. The Bluetooth beacon is placed on the assets that the customer needs to manage to collect various information of the managed assets. The gateway is responsible for receiving the data information sent by the Bluetooth beacon, and sending it to the cloud platform after simple analysis so the cloud platform can monitor the temperature, humidity and light sensitivity of the managed assets in real time.

Our Bluetooth beacon can also be used to track the elderly and children. It will emit a warning when elderly or children are too close to a dangerous area or leave the set range, informing the staff that their presence is required at a specific location and avoid dangerous accidents.

FeasyCloud's data cloud transmission is composed of Feasycom's SOC-level Bluetooth Wi-Fi two-in-one module BW236, BW246, BW256 and gateway products.

FSC-BW236 is a highly integrated single-chip low power dual bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Bluetooth Low Energy (v5.0) communication controller. It supports UART, I2C, SPI and other interface transmission Data, supports Bluetooth SPP, GATT and Wi-Fi TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT and other profiles, the fastest rate of 802.11n can reach 150Mbps, 802.11g, 802.11a can reach 54Mbps, built-in onboard antenna, supports external antenna.

Using the Feasycom Wi-Fi module can get rid of the distance limitation, and directly send the transmitted data to the gateway, and the gateway is connected to FeasyCloud.

FeasyCloud can receive the data sent by the device in real time, but also send instructions to control the device. For example, when a printer connected to FeasyCloud, it can control any device to print the document you want to print freely, and can also control multiple devices to print at the same time.

When a lamp connected to FeasyCloud, FeasyCloud can get rid of the distance limitation, controlling different numbers of lights on or off at any time, any place, and can also realize some patterns and combinations through this.

Our philosophy is to make communication easy and freely. In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, we also have a variety of solutions, and can provide exclusive customized services for customers.

FeasyCloud carries out the concept of Feasycom, and helps the comprehensive interconnection between people and things, things and things, things and networks, and improves the management level and operational efficiency of enterprises.

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