FAQ for FeasyBeacon

Table of Contents

1. What’s RSSI :
RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) at 1mt [used to estimate
proximity (immediate, near, far, unknown) and accuracy)

2.How’s Physical Web Work:
With Physical Web you do not need an app to receive
nearby objects URL's. A browser with embedded BLE
beacon-scanning support is sufficient.
Remarks: HTTPS is required

3.FeasyBeacon can be configurable via FeasyBeacon APP only?
No, we also support configuration via PC devices.
4. Is FeasyBeacon support second development?
Yes,we have the iOS and Andriod system SDK.
5.How to select the most suitable installation
The beacon signal will be lost if it is blocked by metal, water or the human body. For that reason it is good to place the beacons above 2.5 meters high on walls or on the ceiling.

6. When receiving the beacon broadcast notification
Is the Bluetooth 5 smartphone faster than Bluetooth 4 smartphone?
No, it’s depend on the android and iOS operate system, has nothing to do with the Bluetooth standard.

7.Do beacons need a Bluetooth connection?
Yes. Users need to have their Bluetooth turned on in order to receive content / messages via beacons, and their device needs to be Bluetooth Smart enabled.

8. Proximity beacon can collect data?
Beacons themselves don’t collect data. They broadcast signals that can be detected by apps on mobile devices.

9.Miss the Feasybeacon password?
If miss the password, you can connect beacon using the default password (000000) within 1 minute of power-on. Follow the steps below to modify password.
Re-power the Beacon device.
Enter FeasyBeacon APP, connect beacon device by default password (000000) in the setting interface.
Change new password and save it.

10.Is FeasyBeacon support batch upload setting for Eddystone URL and UID?
Yes,Feasycom Engineers are working on these functions, will release soon.

11.Is FeasyBeacon accept Case Logo printing or APP customization?
Yes,we accept the Logo printing and APP customization based on the MOQ for each beacon

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