Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

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Bluetooth is short-range wireless communication technology, it enables many smart devices to establish wireless communications, in recent years, Bluetooth has developed rapidly, and the version has been continuously upgraded. At present, it has been upgraded to version 5.1, and its functions are becoming more and more powerful. Bluetooth brought many conveniences to our lives, here are the advantages of Bluetooth technology:

1. Globally applicable

Bluetooth works in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. The range of the ISM frequency band in most countries in the world is 2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz. You do not need to apply for a license from the radio resource management department of each country to use this frequency band.

2. Mobile phone standard

Any smartphone has Bluetooth as standard, makes it convenient in practical applications.

3. Bluetooth modules are small-sized

Bluetooth modules are small-sized compare with others and can be widely and flexibly applied to various fields.

4. Low energy

Bluetooth modules are low power consumption compare with other communication technologies, it can be widely used for many consumer electronic products.

5. Low cost

6. Open interface standard

In order to promote the use of Bluetooth technology, SIG has fully disclosed the Bluetooth technology standards. Any unit and individual worldwide can develop Bluetooth products. As long as they pass the SIG Bluetooth product compatibility test, they can be brought to market.

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