BT631 Module LE Audio Code Migration

LE Audio Code Migration Need tools

Current experimental platform and environment
Test platform: BT631D (NRF5340)
SDK version: NCS2.3.0

Product Overview

Bluetooth Module Model FSC-BT631D
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.3 
Chipset Nordic nRF5340+CSR8811
lnterface UART/I²S/USB
Dimension 12mm x 15mm x 2.2mm
Transmit Power nRF5340 :+3 dBm
  CSR8811:+5 dBm(Basic Data Rate)
Operating temperature -30°C~85°C
Frequency 2.402 - 2.480 GHz
Supply voltage 3.3v

Need to implement LE audio content

  1. LC3 encoding and decoding
  2. LE transmission encoding data
  3. Support for multiple streaming functions
  4. Support CIS unicast audio function
  5. Support BIS broadcast audio function

Embed protocol stack contents

The execution sequence and flowchart are shown below

  1. The gateway receives audio data from the audio source.
  2. The gateway processes audio data in its application core and transmits data through the application layer:
  3. The host sends the encoded audio data to the network kernel subsystem (controller).
  4. The subsystem forwards audio data LE to the hardware radio and sends it to the headphone device.
  5. The headphone receives encoded audio data on the network core.
  6. The network kernel subsystem (controller) sends encoded audio data to the LE host on the headphone application core.
  7. Headphones process audio data in their application cores, which transmit data through the application layer:
  8. The decoded audio data is sent to the hardware audio output through I2S.

Attention points

Le audio is currently a new technology with few mature product solutions on the market, complex engineering, and many problems that need to be solved!


The LE audio code migration process is a very complex , but the BT631D module testing results are relatively good after migration. Users who need this function can contact the Feasycom    team!

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