BT Dual Mode Module Supporting OBEX Protocol Stack

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What is OBEX protocol?

OBEX (abbreviation of OBject EXchange) is a communications protocol that facilitates binary transfers between Bluetooth enabled devices. Originally specified for Infrared Communications, it has since been adopted to Bluetooth and is utilized by a variety of different profiles such as OPP, FTP, PBAP and MAP. It is used for both file transfer and IrMC synchronization. The OBEX protocol is built on the upper layer of the IrDA architecture.

What is the main use of the OBEX protocol?

OBEX protocol realizes convenient and efficient exchange of information between different devices and different platforms by simply using "PUT" and "GET" commands. Wide range of supported devices such as PCs, PDAs, phones, cameras, answering machines, calculators, data collectors, watches and more.

The OBEX protocol defines a flexible concept -- objects. These objects can include documents, diagnostic information, e-commerce cards, bank deposits, and more.

The OBEX protocol can be used for "command and control" functions, such as the operation of TV sets, VCRs, etc. It can also do very complex operations, such as database transaction processing and synchronization.

OBEX has several features:

1. Friendly application - can realize rapid development.
2. Can be used on small devices with limited resources.
3. Cross-platform
4. Flexible data support.
5. It is convenient to be the upper layer protocol of other Internet transmission protocols.
6. Extensibility - provides extended support for future needs without affecting existing implementations. For example, scalable security, data compression, etc.
7. It can be tested and debugged.

For a more specific introduction to OBEX, please refer to the IrOBEX protocol.

Are there any dual-mode modules that support the OBEX protocol stack? For more details, please contact Feasycom team.

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