Bluetooth module and industrial automation

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The application of Bluetooth module in industrial automation

Bluetooth module WiFi In this industry, wireless devices can replace the connection between electronic computers and other machines and equipment, making their connection more reliable. In addition, people can also rely on mobile phone Bluetooth to build a wireless network. Electric power, crude oil and gas industry: In this industry, there are usually a very large number of gate valves, pipelines and electrical equipment routes. People can be equipped with Bluetooth-enabled controllers in some important locations, so that they can grasp all the information anytime, anywhere. the security status of the location described. In the event of distress, the relevant staff can respond within the shortest possible time.

Prevention of safety risk

FIN is a shortcoming in hacking attacks, a network attack can easily get a customer's FIN. The solution to this problem is: the selection of PIN should be as long as possible, and the length of 264 bits can be selected in many cases. In addition to this, one can also apply some cryptographic key exchange protocols. key exchange agreement, etc. The detailed address of the Bluetooth wireless device will also create opportunities for Internet network attacks. The detailed address of the machine device is used as the only sign to mark the machine and equipment. If it is counterfeited, then the whole process of communication using the detailed address of the machine and equipment as the main parameter will have no secrets. Followable. The preventive measure for this kind of security risk is to use a different external chain key for every communication, especially when communicating with different machines and equipment, using the latest smart Bluetooth module WiFi module FSC-BW236 model can completely encrypt mutual Change the protocol key to ensure WiFi security.

The advantage of the WiFi Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth module WiFi is a prosperous technology. Compared with other similar technologies, smart Bluetooth technology has taken into account many elements in the whole process of designing the scheme, and has the following key characteristics: high output power and strong anti-interference ability; Easy to use; suitable for video and voice; no communication base station; small size, low power; multi-channel and multi-directional connection; strong security.

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