What is USB Audio?

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What is USB Audio

USB Audio is a digital audio standard used in PCs, smartphones, and tablets for interfacing with audio peripherals. The source device that produces the data is called the USB host, and the sink is the USB client. So if a smartphone is connected to a computer, the computer is the host and the phone is the client. But if the DAC is connected to a smartphone, the phone is now the host and the DAC is the client.
Below we can see a Schematic diagram for USB audio, in order to realize the USB AUDIO function, we use an MCU USB peripheral to connect to the PC. The whole process is as follows: When the PC plays music, the data stream representing the music is transmitted from the PC to the MCU through USB, and the MCU The terminal then forwards it to an external Codec, and finally plays the music through speakers or headphones connected to the Codec.

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QCC3056 USB Audio Solutions

The new solution QCC3056 by Qualcomm could support USB which is suitable to develop USB Audio adapter with aptx adaptive, you can enjoy pure wireless sound with CD-quality sound.


* High quality APTX Adaptive /HD/LL ble 5.2 adapter .

* Good sound quality 24Bit 96KHZ

* Big volume No noise

* Real free driver.

* Automatic connection

* Stable connection

* Low latency

It is can working good for ps5, computers, laptops, Smart TV, TV box, mobiles......


BT Specification


Support Operating System

Windows XP/Vista/Linux/ Win 7/Win 8 /Win8.1 /Win10 /WIN11/ Mac OS/ Mobiles/ps5/ipad

USB interface


BT profiles


Frequency channel

2.400GHz - 2.480GHz

Transmission distance

>10 meter

Transmit power

Support Class 1/Class 2/Class 3 13dBm



Audio formats

SBC,AAC,Aptx,Aptx HD,Aptx Adaptive

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