BLE Beacon indoor positioning products

Now indoor positioning solutions are no longer purely for positioning. They have begun to integrate data analysis, human flow monitoring, and personnel supervision. Feasycom technology provides the Beacon solution for these usage scenarios. Let’s take a look at the three location-based functions provided by the BLE beacon: big data analysis, indoor navigation, and personnel supervision.

1. Large data analysis

This scenario usually uses FSC-BP108 waterproof Beacon, it’s widely used for exhibition hall and scenic spots, and can provide real-time positioning.

FSC-BP108: BLE 5.1 Beacon, IP67 waterproof, long broadcast range, long battery life.


(1) Count the number of tourists, and predict the trend of passenger flow here;
(2) Count the peak and trough stages of passenger flow to arrange marketing activities reasonably;
(3) Calculate customer's trajectory, stay time and other information, and realize more accurate personalized marketing through apps or mini programs;

2. Specific personnel supervision

The specific person supervision scenarios are common such as the positioning and nursing of the elderly in nursing homes, historical movement track query, setting up electronic fences in specific areas to ensure the safety of the elderly; Another example is the positioning and supervision of inmates in prisons. In this respect, functions such as gathering crowds and detaining alarms will be extended. Brings great convenience to traditional prison staff management, for these scenarios, we can use the FSC-BP107, FSC-BP110 Wristband Beacon:

3. Autonomous navigation

One of the main manifestations of the commercial value of indoor positioning is the application of indoor positioning and navigation. Realize positioning and navigation on the mobile app. For example, in the scenic spot guide application, customers can locate their location on the mobile phone, enter the location of the destination scenic spot, and then plan the navigation path to navigate to the destination.

For this scenario, you can use FSC-BP104 long range & long battery life Beacon and FSC-BP103 mini Beacon:

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