Application of wireless bluetooth data module in health care

According to a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, since the outbreak of the COVID-19, a quarter of American adults have been struggling to make ends meet. The U.S. restaurant industry alone lost about 8 million jobs in the first few months of the outbreak. Globally, people's views on the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic are even more negative than those during the Great Depression.

Everyone is looking for a compromise that can develop the economy while keeping everyone safe. Companies all over the world hope to be able to use Bluetooth technology to provide new solutions by adjusting existing infrastructure to help us return to familiar and favorite social activities while ensuring that we continue to implement epidemic prevention measures seriously.

Why choose Bluetooth Solution?

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the way we work, meet, and live. The internal safety of various facilities has always only relied on customers and staff to comply with the COVID-19 epidemic safety measures, such as wearing masks and washing hands regularly. But now, people need these facilities to do their best to help minimize the spread of the virus and ensure safety after reopening. In this regard, technology has provided us with economical and efficient measures. With the popularity and flexibility of Bluetooth technology in smartphones and other devices, coupled with the existing infrastructure in many public places, Bluetooth can very effectively help us balance the scale between safety and normal life.

Patients with infectious diseases need to continuously monitor their vital signs, including core body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation. By minimizing frequent patient checkups, Bluetooth-connected medical devices can help reduce the risk of cross-infection and enable caregivers and doctors to maintain appropriate distances while providing care.

Currently, Feasycom has many Bluetooth Data modules for the medical device, like the Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module FSC-BT836B, it could be used for the Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Bluetooth blood sample monitor. This module is a high-speed module, it could meet some devices’ transmission requirements for large amounts of data.

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