Bluetooth WIFI Module In CarPlay

What Is CarPlay

CarPlay is a vehicle system released by Apple. It seamlessly combines the user experience of the iOS system of the user’s iPhone, iPod and other devices with the in-vehicle central entertainment system. It uses voice to control the multimedia functions of the car to achieve freedom of hands and improve driving safety as well as increase driving pleasure. With the continuous development of automobiles, the central entertainment system of many models now supports the wired CarPlay system when they leave the factory. You only need to connect the iOS device to the car's in-car entertainment system through a USB cable. After successful connected, you can make calls, play music, and set navigation information through the smart voice assistant siri of the phone.

Bluetooth WIFI Module And CarPlay

Now that people's quality of life has improved, they naturally know how to enjoy life better. For car owners, the wired connection is a bit cumbersome. Every time you need to plug in a USB cable, it will affect the car owner's driving and appear untidy in the car. This is the birth of the after-installation wireless CarPlay box market. Without dismantling any parts of the original car, only the USB port of the box and the USB port of the original car need to be plugged in. The box shares the hot spot on the owner’s mobile phone for wireless connection, which is convenient and fast. Higher-end atmosphere and high-end grade. Generally, the original car USB ports of high-end cars are inside the armrest box and the storage box. You can put the added box directly in it without occupying the position of the console. The CarPlay box is composed of a Bluetooth + WIFI module and a main control chip. 

The Bluetooth + WIFI combo module that developed by Shenzhen Feasycom has been widely used in the front and after-installation car market. Now recommend a module suitable for after-installation wireless Carplay box.

Bluetooth WIFI module Features-FSC-BW12

Version:Bluetooth 5.0 Dualmodule
WIFI:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

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