Application Of Bluetooth In Walkie-Talkie

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traditional walkie-talkies

Many people must have heard or even used walkie-talkies. It is a communication tool for short-distance communication. For example, building intercom, intelligent community, high-end hotels, clubs, hospitals, prisons and other places are all used. Although the walkie-talkie is widely used, it also has the following defects in use:

1. Put the walkie-talkie near your mouth when speaking.

2. In order not to put the walkie-talkie on your mouth, you should wear an extra wired headset on your head, and the headset will fall to the ground from time to time due to the cable.

3. Press and hold the PPT button with your fingers during the intercom. Once the intercom is too long, your fingers will feel numb.

These kinds of defects should be subject to the technology and cost factors at that time.


Advantages of using Bluetooth technology walkie-talkies

1659693874 Bluetooth walkie talkieThe emergence of Bluetooth walkie-talkies not only optimizes and solves several defects of traditional walkie-talkies, but also can be made into pure Bluetooth walkie-talkie products, which is the main solution for short-distance walkie-talkies.

The walkie-talkie Bluetooth shoulder microphone or Bluetooth headset not only frees hands, but also minimizes the radiation damage caused by the walkie-talkie to the human brain. The walkie-talkie Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth shoulder microphone can maintain a distance of about 10 meters from the walkie-talkie host and still achieve smooth communication. It can be said to be a great weapon in special industries.

1. Replacing cables: The walkie-talkie can be connected to Bluetooth PTT and Bluetooth shoulder microphones or Bluetooth headsets, completely getting rid of the cable entanglement of wired shoulder microphones or wired headsets.

2. Free your hands: Keep the conversation uninterrupted during the work process. The Bluetooth shoulder microphone of the walkie-talkie or the Bluetooth headset provides hands-free convenience. Even if you hold the steering wheel of the car with both hands, Bluetooth technology can ensure that your conversation is uninterrupted.

3. Reduce power consumption: Bluetooth is a low-power wireless communication technology, and the power consumption of a Bluetooth headset is about 10mA.

4. Good concealment: Use Bluetooth point-to-point wireless transmission to replace wired connection lines, and can penetrate obstacles, so as to realize real-time concealed communication of two-way voice and data transmission.

5. Reduce radiation: According to authoritative departments, the radiation value of Bluetooth headsets is only a few tenths of that of mobile phones (the transmission power of ordinary mobile phones is generally 0.5 watts), which can be ignored. It is a radiation-free product and can be used with confidence. , has become quite popular in Europe and the United States.

Shenzhen Feasycom has specially developed Bluetooth modules for Bluetooth walkie-talkies, such as FSC-BT1036B, which can greatly reduce the development time and cost of Bluetooth walkie-talkies with the universal firmware we provide free of charge.

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General Specification

Product ID



13mm(W) x 26.9mm(L) x 2.4mm(H)

Bluetooth Specification

Bluetooth V5.2 (Dual Mode)

Power Supply


Output Power

10 dBm (Max)




Integrated chip antenna


Data: UART (Standard), I2C

Audio: MIC In/SPK Out (Standard),


Others: PIO, PWM


SPP, GATT(BLE Standard), Airsync, ANCS, HID



-20ºC to +85ºC

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