WiFi module selection and introduction BW3581/3582

With the continuous development of WiFi technology, various packaging sizes of WiFi modules have appeared in our daily electronic products. To this day, various types of products that use WiFi modules can be divided into mainstream WiFi modules such as WiFi 4, WiFi 5, WiFi 6, etc. With the further development of technology, WiFi modules are no longer just providing WiFi hotspots, but can also achieve data transmission, video transmission, intelligent control, and so on, The emergence of WiFi 6 modules has further enriched the application of WiFi technology.

How to choose the appropriate WiFi module? Below is a description of the requirements and parameters:

1: In the early stage of research and development, it is necessary to clarify what functions the WiFi module needs to implement? For example, the definition of WiFi module functions includes providing WiFi hotspots, video transmission, data uploading, intelligent control, etc.

2: To clarify the requirements for the main chip, interface, Flash, and parameters of the WiFi module; For example, transmission power, sensitivity, data rate, operating temperature, transmission distance, etc. The main chip, interface, transmission power, data rate, transmission distance, etc. of the WiFi module; These hardware features and module parameters can be obtained from the module specifications of each model.

Summary: As more and more fields of the Internet of Things require intelligent and digital management, higher requirements have been put forward for the transmission rate and bandwidth of WiFi modules. Therefore, more IoT applications that are developing towards high-end application fields tend to choose WiFi 6 modules with stronger performance. It can be seen that IoT applications based on WiFi technology and WiFi modules will become increasingly widespread.

Feasycom continues to innovate and launch the BW3581/3582 series, with sizes of 12 * 12 * 2.2mm and 13 * 15 * 2.2mm packaging, supporting 2.4G/5G WI-FI6 module data rates up to 600.4Mbps. The bandwidth is 20/40/80Mhz, supporting STA and AP modules,multiple interfaces,SDIO3.0/USB2.0/UART/PCM, WEP/WPA/WPA2/WPA3-SAE, Bluetooth5.4, benchmarking mainstream AP6255/6256, RTL8821/8822, etc., with ultra-high cost-effectiveness and direct replacement, applied in commercial displays, projection, OTT, PAD, IPC, automotive electronics and other products.

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