What extra value can the Bluetooth module add to the electric motorcycle?

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With the development of society, electric motorcycle is now a good choice for travel. The cost is relatively low. Riding is also a very cool thing to do. However, we still face some problems of electric motorcycles. For example, when the distance is relatively long, if we can listen to music when we’re riding, it will be very nice. But as you would know, it’s pretty much dangerous if you want to skip songs while riding, because you might have to take your phone(Or CD player) out of your pocket. The situation would be similar when you want to change the volume. It is also very inconvenient when someone calls you or when you need to make a call. Below we will introduce to you an effective method to solve these problems. That is adding Bluetooth features to your motorcycle!

What functions should Bluetooth achieve in electric motorcycles?

  • First, it is necessary to be compatible with most mobile phones on the market. It should be able to connect with most mobile phones on the market and can play music with no problem;
  • Secondly, you can control the pause, play, play previous song, play next song, and make/receive phone call through the handle of the electric motorcycle;
  • It is necessary to display the information of the song being played on the dashboard of the electric motorcycle, including lyrics, timeline, and album title;
  • Caller ID function, when a call comes in, you can see notes, phone number on the dashboard of the electric motorcycle, you would also be able to choose to pick up or hang up.
  • The phone book can be called up by the electric motorcycle handle button, then making phone calls accordingly;
  • It needs to be connected by a mobile phone, and two Bluetooth headsets/helmets simultaneously, forwards the music/incoming calls on the mobile phone to the Bluetooth headsets/helmets.

What would the logic schematic be like?

As shown in the figure, the mobile phone transmits data (e.g. music, phone book, song information) to the electric motorcycle dashboard through Bluetooth, and then the dashboard displays the corresponding lyrics information and call information, and then plays it through the speaker, or transmits it through Bluetooth to the Bluetooth headsets to play; The control button on dashboard can be used to skip songs, answer calls, adjust the volume, which can avoid a lot of potential issues while driving. Convenient and practical, and greatly improves the safety factor and experience of motorcycle riding.

All in all, to achieve these differentiated functions, you can choose the Bluetooth module FSC-BT1006X, which has stable performance, good compatibility, and effective cost. It has been favored by many electric motorcycle manufacturers.

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