What are the application industries of BLE modules?

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Compared with traditional classic Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) has the advantages of reducing power consumption in the same communication range. It has wireless communication technology with ultra-low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, high security, low cost and so on.

In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent network connection, Bluetooth modules equipped with Bluetooth technology have been widely used in smart homes, smart wear, smart industry, instrumentation, automotive electronics, smart health care, consumer electronics and other fields that require low power Bluetooth technology. Here we will introduce several popular industry applications of BLE modules.

1. Smart door lock

With the rise of smart homes, people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. More and more hotels, residential apartments, and school dormitories are equipped with smart door locks. Most smart door locks use BLE Bluetooth technology to realize intelligent unlocking, and the built-in BLE Bluetooth module can realize remote unlocking of mobile phones. It can also be used for non-contact unlocking, which can be unlocked without opening the APP or mobile phone.

2.Mesh networking

At present, BLE Bluetooth technology is used for MEHS networking in smart home, smart hotel, smart lighting, photographic equipment and other applications.It uses the mobile phone to install the APP to realize the interconnection between nodes, and realizes group control and single-point control.

3.Automotive electronics

With the development of car networking and Bluetooth technology, mobile phones will gradually become the carrier of car keys. The car owner installs an APP that includes the Bluetooth key function on the mobile phone, and then activate the Bluetooth key function of the car. When the driver approaches the car and reaches the certain distance, the car will automatically unlock as long as the driver brings the authorized mobile phone close to the door. After the driver takes the mobile phone and leaves the car to a certain distance, the Bluetooth module and the mobile phone will be automatically disconnected, so as to automatically lock the car.

4.BMS (Battery Management)

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