Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot word in a high-tech era. With this technology, people could get a lot of data from real objects through the internet. Nowadays, the small-sized portable IoT products are becoming more and more popular, the product designers also find Bluetooth is a great way for data transmission. To design such a small-sized IoT product, the product designer needs a mini Bluetooth module. Recently, Feasycom released an ultra-small module, Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy Module FSC-BT690.

FSC-BT690’s size is 5.0mm x 5.4mm x 1.2mm, it adopts DA14531 chipset and provides 6 GPIOs, the power consumption can be as low as 1.6uA in sleep mode. Here is some information about the module FSC-BT690:

If you are interested in this module or any others, welcome to contact Feasycom team.

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