Replacement Of RN42 Bluetooth Module

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Why Replacement Of RN42 Bluetooth Module

Today we are going to recommend an replacement of RN42 Bluetooth Module.

First we review some main features of RN42 module:


Dual Mode Module :SPP+BLE+HID


Feasycom have kinds of bluetooth module that can totally instead of RN42 module :Such as FSC-BT826,FSC-BT836,FSC-BT901,FSC-BT906,FSC-BT909.

Above module are dual mode module ,bluetooth 4.2 .support HID+SPP+BLE .You can see that RN42 only bluetooth 2.1 ,feasycom dual mode module are bluetooth 4.2.

If you prefer most economic one ,then FSC-BT826 maybe your best choices.It adopt realtek chipset,bluetooth 4.2,dual mode,spp+ble+hid ,FSC-BT826 size:13mm*26.9mm* can see the module size totally same as RN42.It may easy for you to change feasycom dual mode module directly.

If you think RN42 it is big ,prefer small size ,we have FSC-BT901 .small size dual mode module can replace RN42 module.

For more detail ,feel free to Contact Feasycom .

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