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August 31, Qualcomm unveiled Qualcomm® aptX Adaptive, a next-generation audio codec that supports dynamic tuning at IFA, featuring stability, High-quality sound, scalability and low latency for mobile gaming The most popular and demanding audio applications, such as video and music, deliver an excellent wireless listening experience.

Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager of the voice and music business, said: "By achieving the immersive wireless listening experience that consumers expect from a wide range of audio sources, and delivering the immersive wireless listening experience they expect, aptX Adaptive is Driving the industry's growth. aptX Adaptive dynamically adjusts performance - delivering the best sound quality in the best possible way, with this new product, no matter what the user is playing or listening to music, no action is required."

Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. Jonny McClintock, director of product marketing, said: "Most of the audio codecs on the market today are static in nature and support only fixed bit rates, which can lead to wireless connectivity problems in challenging RF environments. Many existing editors The decoders are designed for listening to music and are not suitable for applications that require low latency games and audio/video. aptX is one of the first technologies to really help improve the Bluetooth listening experience, and the next generation of consumers expects wireless Products are a complete replacement for wired products, and we're always working to create technologies that transform the listening experience."

Qualcomm said that aptX Adaptive will be available for the unreleased Opteron chipset, most likely the Opteron 855. The aptX Adaptive decoder for terminals such as headsets, headsets and speakers is expected to be available to customers in the Qualcomm® CSRA68100 and Qualcomm® QCC5100 Series Bluetooth Audio SoCs starting September 2018. The aptX Adaptive encoder version for terminals such as smartphones and tablets is expected to be available on Android P starting in December 2018.

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