QCC3024 vs QCC3003 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module

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FSC-BT1026C(QCC3024 chip) is a dual mode Bluetooth v5.1 Audio SoC module, based on an extremely low power architecture, which has been designed for use in Wireless Stereo Headsets, Bluetooth amplifier, Bluetooth speaker, etc.


The QCC3003 chip is a cost-effective and highly integrated product among Qualcomm’s products, but the market is relatively small. It is mainly used in wired Bluetooth headsets and the emerging bone conduction headset market. However, Qualcomm announced that it will stop mass production of the QCC3003 chip.

Compared with QCC3003, QCC3024 has more advantages. For example, extremely low-power consumption, powerful tri-core processing designed to support flexible innovation, advanced array of audio technologies.



QCC3024 vs QCC3003

QCC3024 vs QCC3003
QCC3024 vs QCC3003

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