prevent static electricity in Bluetooth modules

Some people might find that their Bluetooth module’s quality can be very bad, even they just received the modules from the seller. Why would this situation happen? Sometimes it’s the static electricity to blame.

What is Static Electricity?

First of all, a static charge is static electricity. And the phenomenon that electric transfers between objects with different potentials and occurs instant discharge is called ESD. Such as triboelectricity, taking off sweaters in winter, and touching metal parts, these actions can cause ESD.

How can it harm the Bluetooth module?

Due to the rapid development of the electronics industry, small-scale, highly integrated devices have been mass-produced, which has led to smaller and smaller wire spacings, thinner and thinner insulation films, which will lead to lower breakdown voltages. However, the electrostatic voltage generated during the production, transportation, storage and transfer of electronic products can far exceeds its breakdown voltage threshold, which may cause breakdown or failure of the module, affect the technical indicators of the product, and reduce its reliability.

prevent static electricity in Bluetooth modules

  • Shielding. Wearing anti-static cloth when producing the module, using anti-static bags/carriers to carry the module during transportation.
  • Dissipation. Using anti-ESD equipment to implement static electricity dissipation.
  • Humidification. Keep the environment temp. between 19 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius, the humidity between 45% RH and 75% RH.
  • Ground Connection. Make sure the human body/working suit/device/equipment is linked to the ground.
  • Neutralization. Using ESD iron fan to implement neutralization.

Take No. A as an example, Feasycom’s Bluetooth modules usually would be separated from each other during packaging. See the reference photo below, which is a great way to enact shielding and prevent static electricity from occurring.

Want to learn more about how to protect your Bluetooth modules? Feel free to reach out to Feasycom for help.

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