Feasycom Keyless Smart Door Lock Solution

As is commonly known, there are various ways to unlock smart door locks, including fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth remote control, key cards, and traditional keys. Those who rent out their properties typically opt for models that support Bluetooth remotes and key cards, while individuals who struggle with memorizing passwords tend to choose simpler options such as fingerprint recognition and key cards.

Feasycom keyless smart door lock solution which adds a non-contact unlocking function to traditional Bluetooth smart door locks.

Keyless smart door locks are electronic locks that eliminate the use of traditional mechanical keys. The Feasycom FSC-BT630B (nRF52832) Bluetooth BLE module is integrated into the smart door lock and connects to a mobile app. Users only need to hold their mobile phone close to the lock, which will then automatically recognize the secret key of the phone and unlock the door. The principle behind this is that the Bluetooth signal strength varies with distance. The host MCU determines whether to perform the unlocking action based on RSSI and the secret key, ensuring safety performance while making unlocking easier and faster without having to open the mobile app.

Keyless smart door locks offer several benefits, including increased convenience, improved security, and flexible access control.

Regarding the FAQ:

1. Does the contactless unlock feature increase power consumption?

No, as the module is still broadcasting and working normally as a peripheral and is no different from other BLE peripherals.

2. Is contactless unlocking safe? Can I use the same MAC address Bluetooth device bound to the mobile phone to unlock the door?

The module has an enhanced security algorithm strategy to ensure safety and cannot be cracked by MAC.

3. Will the contactless unlocking function affect app communication?

No, the module still works as a peripheral, and the mobile phone still works as a central.

4. How many mobile phones can be bound to the door lock?

Up to 8 devices.

5. Will the door lock be mistakenly unlocked when the user is indoors?

As the current single module does not yet have the function of directional judgment, we recommend that users avoid misoperation of indoor unlocking when using the non-contact unlocking function design. For example, the logic function of the MCU can be used to determine

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