How to upgrade the MCU's firmware with Wi-Fi

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In our last article, we discussed about how to upgrade the MCU’s firmware with Bluetooth technology. And as you would know, when the data amount of the new firmware is fairly big, it might take a long time for Bluetooth to transfer the data to the MCU.

How to solve this issue? Wi-Fi is the solution!

Why? Because even for the best Bluetooth module, the data rate can only reach to about 85KB/s, but when using Wi-Fi technology, the date rate can be increased to 1MB/s! That’s a huge leap, isn’t it?!

If you’ve read our previous article, you might know how to bring this technology to your existing PCBA already! Because the process is very similar to using Bluetooth!

  • Integrate a Wi-Fi module to your existing PCBA.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi module and the MCU via UART.
  • Use the phone/PC to connect to the Wi-Fi module and send the firmware to it
  • MCU start the upgrade with the new firmware.
  • Finish the upgrade.

Very simple, and very efficient!
Any recommended solutions?

In fact, this is just one of the advantages of bring Wi-Fi features in to the existing products. Wi-Fi technology can also bring other amazing new functionalities to improve the using experience.

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