How To Upgrade MCU's Firmware Wirelessly?

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Most products have a Microcontroller Unit (MCU) to manage the embedded system. For some of these products, users always find it hard to upgrade the firmware when there’s a new one comes along. Because most of the products might require to open the case if you want to make upgrade, but the problem is, not everyone could do that.

How to solve this issue? Introducing wireless upgrade!

  1. Integrate a Bluetooth module to your existing PCBA.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth module and the MCU via UART.
  3. Use the phone/PC to connect to the Bluetooth module and send the firmware to it
  4. MCU start the upgrade with the new firmware.
  5. Finish the upgrade.

Any recommended solutions?

FSC-BT630 | Small Size Bluetooth Module nRF52832 Chipset

FSC-BT836B | Bluetooth 5 Dual-Mode Module High-Speed Solution

FSC-BT909 | Long Range Bluetooth Dual-Mode Module

In fact, this is just one of the advantages of bring Bluetooth features in to the existing products. Bluetooth can also bring other amazing new functionalities to improve the using experience.

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Feasycom, as one of the best Bluetooth solution providers, developed three popular Bluetooth modules with aptX, aptX-HD technology. And they are:




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