How to get Beacon‘s Battery Level

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How to get Beacon’s Battery Level

Recently most customer always asked about how to get beacon’s battery level ?Whether can broadcast battery level through ibeacon protocol ?Today we are going to answer questions about this .Feasycom standard beacon do can broadcast battery level .

On ''FeasyBeacon'' APP ,you can see it shows beacon battery level 96% directly .

We can provide SDK to customers,then you can get battery level directly.

Feasycom all beacon standard firmware and protocol do broadcast battery level.It is our private protocol.we can use an app‘’nRF Connect’’ which is available on google store to parse the broadcast packet.When enter ‘’nRF Connect’’,you will find bluetooth devices nearby ,just find the target beacon FSC_BP106,(No need click ''CONNECT'') (refer image 01)

Just choose the FSC_BP106 ,then the it will expand a page ,you can get battery level data.''60'' shows battery level.(refer image 02)

On the FeasyBeacon app :0 - 0x64  it tells battery level , 0x65  it is usb charge.

Above we show details about FeasyBeacon’s private battery level protocol.

Some customer may find that this kinds it is not what they want.They may asked us whether can broadcast battery level via iBeacon protocol or eddystone protocol ,we also can customized firmware for you .So when you has problem about beacon ‘s battery level better tell sales what kinds of battery level protocol your solution need before you buy beacon sample or batch order.

Feasycom Team

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