How To Choose a Bluetooth Module Vendor

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There are many Bluetooth Module Vendor on the market to choose from which can definitely make it a daunting task when it comes to picking one. Ultimately, I would advise keeping the following in mind.

Bluetooth technology support

Technical support is very important. Ensure that the vendor you select has excellent documentation consisting of application notes and user guides followed by “real-time” resources that are capable of answering any design question you may have when trying to get your Bluetooth module to work.

Reputation of bluetooth module vendor

There are many modules on the market and unfortunately, many are very appealing due to their low cost. However, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” holds quite true. Imagine your company ramps up to doing several thousands of units a year and suddenly the “cheap” Bluetooth module you got a deal on unexpectedly goes end of life with no warning and you have several thousands of orders in your pipeline that you are not able to fulfill…not very good for business. When it comes to selecting a module vendor be very selective and carry out due diligence. You should view your module vendor as a partner who has a stake in your success and wants to see your company do well  


Understanding your application requirements is definitely a crucial step. Do you need both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic (Smart Ready)? Does your application truly require the latest version of Bluetooth? What sort of data rates or transmission ranges does your application require? Does your application require you to have a truly embedded standalone module that requires the Bluetooth software stack to be onboard or do you intend to run the stack directly on your main processor running Linux or Android? What interface requirements does your application require (i.e. UART or SPI)? All these types of questions are very important so that once you have them all figured out you will be able to select the best module for your application.

Chances are if you select a module vendor with a good reputation and strong support structure they will most like be professional and competent enough in helping you select the right Bluetooth solution for your product.   

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