How beacon technology achieve check in

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How can we use beacon technology to achieve check in? An example of conference check-in as below.

1. When we complete the online registration process, we'll be asked to install an app;

2. In this app, we'll fill in our information. This will be an entry key to attend the conference;

3. The beacon device will be installed at the entrance of the conference.

4. When we close to the entrance,an access code is generated and is displayed on the application in our app. At the same time, our information will be displayed on the system. Due the limit of beacon work range, only several users' information will be displayed, this will help us find ourselves quickly.

5. After we confirm the information and enter correct access code,the check-in event is completed.

This helps in faster elimination of queues and the waiting time for everyone decreases.

Beacon technology is in every corner of our daily life, if you are interested in it, please feel free to consult us. Thanks!

Feasycom team

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