FSC-BT802 Bluetooth Module Audio Intercom Solution

Table of Contents

Project requirement:

1.Bluetooth Adapter(FSC-BT802 Module)

1.1 Bluetooth Module two-way voice transmission and BLE.1.2 Connected to bluetooth headset

a:Pair with bluetooth headset and speech

b:Answer key of headset(After power on short press to low level of GPIO,and then short press again for high level of GPIO,and repeat like this).

1.3:PTT button recognition(long press)to low level of GPIO,release for high level of GPIO.

1.4:Point 2 & Point 3,GPIO connected directly to PTT .

1.5:Adapter need add button to pair or unpair.

1.6:Two-colored indicator light to show the result of pairing and battery level.

2:PTT(FSC-BT630 Module)

2.1. BLE enabled, It can pair with the adapter and give the on and off signals,which are recognized by the adapter.When press the button ,the adapter will provide low level of GPIO.Release the button, the adapter will provide high level of GPIO.

3.:Bluetooth Microphone

3.1 Bluetooth microphone and adapter pair to achieve two-way voice communication;

3.2. Long press button of microphone ,the adapter will provide low level of GPIO,release the button, the adapter will provide high level of GPIO.

(Same as PTT);

3.3. Indicator light tells the pairing status and power status.

Remarks:Bluetooth headset can use market standard.

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