FSC-BT671C Silicon Labs EFR32BG21 BLE 5.2 & SIG Mesh & Multi-Connection Bluetooth Low Energy Module


The Feasycom FSC-BT671C Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.2 module includes a 32-bit 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 microcontroller, which can provide a maximum power output of 10 dBm. The chip's maximum receiving sensitivity is -97.5 (1 Mbit/s GFSK) dBm, and it supports a complete DSP instruction set and floating point unit, which can speed up calculations. Low-power gecko technology supports fast wake-up time and energy-saving mode. FSC-BT671C software and SDK support Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth mesh network. The module also supports the development of proprietary wireless protocols. FSC-BT671C combines an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiven The module is suited for any battery operated application other systems requiring high performance and low energy consumption.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.2
  • Integrate MCU to execute Bluetooth protocol stack.
  • Postage stamp sized form
  • Class 1 support (up to +10 dBm)
  • The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps and can support from 1200bps up to 230.4Kbps
  • Support the OTA upgrade
  • UART, I2C, SPI, 12-bit 1Msps SAR ADC
  • Bluetooth stack profiles support: LE HID and all BLE protocols
  • PWM


  • Health & Medical Devices
  • Home Automation
  • Wearable Device
  • SIG Mesh
  • Industrial


Bluetooth Module FSC-BT671C
Bluetooth Version BLE 5.2
Chipset Silicon Labs EFR32BG21
Dimension (mm) 10 × 11. 9 × 1.8 (Pad Pitch 1.1mm)
Transmit Power +10 dBm (Maximum)
Profiles GATT (central/peripheral)
Frequency Band 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz
Power Supply 1.71V - 3.8V
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +105℃
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +105℃
Highlights Ultral small size, Super long range, BLE 5.2, BLE Mesh network


Firmware No. Application Profiles Support
FSC-BT671C BLE Master & Slave GATT, OTA
FSC-BT671C Mesh Network Mesh
FSC-BT671C Other Customization
Dimensions 11.9 × 10 × 1.8 mm

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