Feasycom participated in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA(AWC)

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The host controller interface (HCI) layer is a thin layer which transports commands and events between the host and controller elements of the Bluetooth protocol stack. In a pure network processor application, the HCI layer is implemented through a transport protocol such as SPI or UART.

participated in AWC

Feasycom participated in the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA (AWC) which was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan) between October 20-22, 2021.

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA (AWC) is a professional exhibition for pre-market of auto electronics, gathering influential suppliers in present cutting-edge automotive electronics technologies and applications, including Autonomous Driving, Connected Vehicle, Testing Technology, Connecting Technology, In Vehicle Electronics and Automotive Materials.

Taking this opportunity, we mainly introduced our latest module solution to customers:

(1) Digital Wireless Automotive Key Solution: based on Tl's Bluetooth modules to realize keyless unlocking, locking and keyless start. This solution is realized by algorithms based on the analysis of distance between mobile phone and car vias mobile phone's app which can obtain the Bluetooth signal strength.

(2) Bluetooth Wi-Fi Module of Motorcycle Dashboard Solution: electric vehicles can play local music through Bluetooth. The dashboard displays the song name, timeline, lyrics, caller ID, address book, map navigation, information display, cell phone power and cell phone signal. Realize front and rear helmet voice intercom.

(1)Digital Wireless Automotive Key Solution

(2)Bluetooth Wi-Fi Module of Motorcycle Dashboard Solution

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