FeasyBeacon FSC-BP107 Bracelet Beacon

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Recently, many customers have interesting in the Wristband Bluetooth Beacon. For customer requirement, Feasycom launch out a new beacon FSC-BP107. This beacon is wearable beacon, could be used in the children’s tracking, employee check-in and so on.

The Bracelet Beacon is a battery-powered Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy proximity-beacon, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (URL and UID), AltBeacon for broadcasting.  FSC-BP107 using the TI CC2640R2F Chipset, providing 10 slots broadcast advertising frames. For customers work well, Feasycom provide free APP “FeasyBeacon” and APP’s SDK to beacon setting.

This product will meet us in 2019, have interesting in this beacon, welcome to contact us.

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