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we have update some Frequently asked questions of our Bluetooth module , have you read it ? today we’ll update more FAQ about Feasycom Bluetooth module , If you are interested in our products or have other questions, you can also contact us directly.

  1. How many maximum does the Bluetooth module connect with cell phones or other Bluetooth module ?

Feasycom Bluetooth module maximum supports up to 17 connections , the 7 connections is the classic Bluetooth , and another 10 connections is the BLE Bluetooth.

  1. Do we have the development board of the Bluetooth module ?

Yes , we have three types development board: Serial development board , USB development board and Audio evaluation board , the Serial development board is FSC-DB004 , it could used for FSC-BT826 , FSC-BT836 , FSC-BT616 and FSC-BT816S ,

USB type is FSC-DB005 development board , it could used for FSC-BT816S , FSC-BT826 , FSC-BT836 and FSC-BT616 , the Audio evaluation board has ,FSC-DB101 , and FSC-TL001three model , FSC-DB001 could used for FSC-BT802 , FSC-BT803 , FSC-BT502 and FSC-BT909 , FSC-DB101 could used for FSC-BT906 and FSC-BT926 , you could also check it on our website o contact us directly .

  1. When designing the PCB board , how to put the antenna could get the highest performance ?

The antenna shall be placed on the edge of the plate. The position of the antenna shall not be covered with copper or any wire. The distance between the antenna and the surrounding parts shall be at least 5mm.

The specific description can be seen in the description of the corresponding module model specification, which has a detailed layout diagram.

  1. Whats the advantages of dual mode Bluetooth module ?

Mobile phone in the market mainly divided into IOS and android currently .Data communication between IOS devices and Bluetooth peripherals could transfer data by BLE (iPhone4S and later) or by classic Bluetooth SPP (apple MFi certification is required).

The Android system starts to support BLE from version 4.3. However, due to system fragmentation, most Android phones on the market have poor support compatibility for BLE, so it is recommended to use classic Bluetooth SPP for data communication.

When products need to support both IOS and Android devices, Bluetooth dual-mode products are the mainstream choice in the current market.

  1. How does the transmission distance of the Bluetooth module could up to ?

The Class 2 standard transmission distance defined by the Bluetooth specification is 

about 10 meters, and the Class 1 transmission distance could reach than 100 meters.

  1. What is the transmission rate of classic Bluetooth SPP and BLE?

In an ideal situation:

SPP: About 80KBytes/s

BLE: About 8KBytes/s

( Noticed: When the audio transmission is turned on at the same time, the speed will be greatly reduced.The BLE transmission rate is about 1~2KBytes/s when playing music. )

Just message us , if you have any questions and want to buy our Bluetooth module , thanks. 

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