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Noise reduction is a good protection for people who need to wear headphones for a long time. However, when buying Bluetooth headsets, we will always meet merchants promoting the cVc and ANC noise reduction functions of headsets.

Now we will briefly introduce these two incomprehensible noise reduction terms.

What Is CVC

cVc noise reduction (Clear Voice Capture) is a noise reduction technology for call software. The working principle is to suppress various types of reverberation noise through the built-in noise cancellation software and microphone of the headset, that is, it has the function of clearly capturing the voice. This is a noise-cancelling headset that benefits the other party of the call.

What Is ANC

The working principle of ANC (Active Noise Control) is that the microphone collects external ambient noise, and then the system transforms into an inverted sound wave and is added to the speaker end. The final sound heard by the human ear is: ambient noise + inverted environment Noise, two kinds of noise are superimposed to achieve sensory noise reduction, and the beneficiary is oneself.


The following is a comparison table of Qualcomm QCC series chips which include these 2 features.
Feasycom has a variety of modules developed based on these solutions, mainly FSC-BT1026X series. If you are attracted by any of them, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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