Bluetooth Technology – Smart Home Applications

Nowadays, everything seems to get smarter.

Whether connected to a TV, speakers, computer or keyboard, Bluetooth technology has always been at the heart of smart homes. The annual shipments of smart home devices are more than three times that of home automation equipment. By 2023, the expected annual growth rate of home automation equipment will exceed 21% in the next five years, and the annual shipments of smart home equipment such as tools, toys, game consoles and TV will be close to 900 million.

According to <2019 Bluetooth Market Update>, smart devices have become the fastest growing family automation device. It is estimated that by 2023, the shipment of intelligent lighting equipment will increase by 4.5 times of the whole scale, and the annual compound growth rate of smart home appliances will reach 59% in the next five years, and the annual equipment shipment will reach 54 million units, which has huge market potential.

Among all the smart home solution providers, Feasycom has more than 10 years of experience in the wireless industry. Feasycom’s Bluetooth Modules have always been the most reliable  option for the customers from worldwild. For smart home devices, Feasycom have competitive solutions for applications like Smart Lighting, Remote Control, Smart Door Lock, etc.

When you’re looking for solutions for your Bluetooth projects, don’t forget to ASK FEASYCOM FOR HELP!

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